Boat Bottom Cleaning Services

Let our customers speak for us! We take care of a variety of different types of vessels ranging from yacht hull cleaning, to barges and tug boats. We understand that all vessels and working platforms are different, and that they need different types of attention. Each of our customers is very important to us, and let me assure you that either David Kinports or I will personally meet you at your boat and give you a competitive rate quote.

Yacht hull cleaning is done 9 out of the 12 months and every 3 weeks in the summer season. All boat bottom cleaning is done by hand. Our job is to keep marine growth from collecting in your intakes and on your hull. Props and shafts will be also cleaned, and all metals will be closely watched and protected. Zinc replacement is an important factor in keeping a vessel in the water. Many companies will replace your zinc on a scheduled cycle. Our experience is that every boat is different and zinc should be changed at the end of its useful life. Most all yacht hull cleaning will be done dockside at your marina. We are professionals, and we will allow your bottom paint to live its full life.

Large yachts, Tugs and Barges 76 + feet

We have taken care of, and we are currently taking care of larger and more custom vessels. For vessels with large props, keel coolers, and large intakes, we have a fully functional dive boat with a built in surface supply diving air compressor, and a powerful underwater power-washer. Like all vessels residing on the water, marine growth will and does accumulate. One time and quarterly cleanings are available for the big guys.

Contact us and ask about our San Diego hull cleaning services, and you can learn more about our bi-monthly and monthly services today.