Western Marine takes pride in giving each project the full attention it deserves. We understand that every project is different, and we make sure to approach new work with an open mind and a creative and strategic solution. You can find a list of our core services below.

Hull Cleaning

Western Marine Services takes pride in providing customers with top-of-the-line cleaning services. We know that keeping your hull clean is an important ingredient to having a well maintained vessel. By keeping the hull and propeller surfaces of your water vessel clean, you enable your vessel to get the most out of its fuel. This translates into increased speed and minimized waste. Contact us to learn more about our bi-monthly and monthly cleaning services today. Learn More

24hr Emergency Diving

We do work for much of San Diego’s sport fishing fleet, and we maintain and provide 24-hour dive response for Pacific Tugboats San Diego Fleet. Learn More


  • Professional Hull Cleaning
  • Large Anchor Retrieval
  • large and small wreck removal
  • In Water Hull patch
  • In Water Barge cleaning
  • underwater power washing
  • unfouling propellers
  • video inspection
  • remove and install props
  • Small salvage


  • Fully equipped dive boat with rapid deployment
  • 2 man surface supply dive compressor
  • Kirby Morgan dive helmet
  • lift bags
  • crane access on floating barge