Founded by Adam Lincoln and David Kinports, Western Marine Services offers over 12 years of commercial diving experience. Together, Lincoln and Kinports have worlds of industry expertise. They also posses the certifications and equipment necessary to handle a wide range of services. As a premier diving service for San Diego, Western Marine Services brings over 12 years of diving experience to fit our customer’s needs.

David Kinports, a native San Dieagan, started out hull cleaning in Mission Bay, and it has grown into a San Diego hull cleaning business one boat at a time, with honest hard work during the last seven years. David Kinports is a boat owner himself, and he has learned the hull cleaning business from the ground up. We can proudly say we now have over 100 boats that either he or I personally take care of on a monthly basis.

My name is Adam Lincoln. I became interested in diving at a young age. My father offered to send me to a collage after graduating  high school. I graduated from the College of Oceaneering at the top of my class, and I became a certified commercial diver. I specialized in underwater welding, and I worked for a large commercial diving salvage company for 5 years. I am a local San Diegan as well. In Addition to hull cleaning, I specialize in 24 hour emergency response; everything from patching a hull to keeping a vessel from taking on water, to freeing a fouled prop. Believe it or not, most work can and should be done without removing the vessel from the water. Many of our customers make their living on the sea. I will make sure to correct your problem and get you back to work the following day.

Small Salvage

Our underwater training, experience, and certifications have given us the ability to take on small to medium-sized salvage projects. We can retrieve most anything, and we enjoy the feeling of returning important goods to our customers. In the case of large-scale recoveries, we can provide and operate a crane to retrieve your goods.